Levitator Brand Shoe Lift Heel Inserts

Published: 25th June 2010
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Are you looking for a way to appear and grow taller? Products that are used to help increase height, such as elevator shoes, make an increase in height noticeable and they only come in certain styles of shoes. Levitator Lifts goes beyond this concept and others to take increasing height to a whole new level. Our shoe lifts are made out of a durable foam that is sturdy yet comfortable. The type of foam used in our product does not absorb or transmit foot odor like others on the market do. Levitator Lifts sell heel lifts that come in eight different sizes, ranging from a ½ inch height increase to a 2 ½ height increase. These lifts are interchangeable and can fit comfortably into most types of shoes. We also sell sample packs of our shoe lifts at a low price so customers can try on different sizes and determine witch size works best for them. Our shoe lifts are sold in pairs unlike many inserts that are sold individually and are double the price of our lifts. Levitator Lifts sells the highest quality foam insert for the cheapest price that is currently on the market.

Our shoe lifts are sent in a plain manila envelope with "Canfield Plastics" named as the sender (Canfield Plastics is our sister company). This is so nobody can tell what product is being sent in the mail for our customers that might be embarrassed or want no one to know that they are buying shoe lifts. These shoe lifts are completely safe to wear and will not cause any damage to the customer's posture or back. This product can also be used by people that have one leg slightly shorter than the other because our lifts will even out the height difference and make the legs the same height.

Our company has the best service around. We always have someone available to promptly answer your emails or calls dealing with questions about our product, and our workers and consultants know the product extremely well. This ensures that your questions are always answered and our product is always made to the best quality possible. Our heel lifts are American made, with our manufacturing plant located in Ohio. We make sure to only buy the materials to make our shoe lifts from American and locally owned companies. Levitator Lifts keeps our business all-American because we have pride for the U.S.A. and we feel that too many companies buy materials or are based overseas. We are proud to have a quality product that is made in the U.S.A.

Levitator brand shoe insoles turn your existing shoe collection into height increase shoes without the cost. To know more about Levitator shoe inserts check out www.talleryou.com

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